How to Choose the Right Window Treatments for Your Space

Choosing the right window treatments for your home can be stressful. There are so many options and details that contribute to getting the look just right. When you start the process of choosing window treatments for your home, each room should be considered independently. Meaning, you can choose different window coverings for each room, they do not all have to be exactly the same. However, to ensure a good overall design flow for your house they should be similar in style.

 To get started, there are a few questions that you will want to consider to help you pair down your options for choosing the right window treatments. First, consider your space. Is the room small or large? Are your ceilings low or high? Do you have a lot of windows or just one?

Second, consider the functionality of the space. Do you need the ability to blackout the light? How much privacy do you want? What are you hoping to accomplish by adding window treatments? Do you need window treatments at all?

Once you have a better understanding of what you need in terms of functionality and room layout then you can begin assessing some of your options to ensure that you choose the right window treatments for your space.



  • Soften a space

  • Add height to room

  • There are limitless color and pattern options

  • They can be layered to add depth and texture to your space

  • Additional decorative element added with curtain rod

  • They provide a range of light filtering and privacy options

  • When choosing size, make sure they touch floor to avoid being too short

  • Hang them higher than the top of the window frame and just along the sides of the window frame to make the room and window seem larger


Photo Credit: Irene Van Der Poel via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Irene Van Der Poel via Unsplash

  • Variety of light filtering and privacy options

  • Blinds can be paired with drapes or valance

  • Wood or faux wood elevate the appearance

  • Child-friendly cordless options are available

  • Inside mount is typically used

  • Use outside mount if there is insufficient space for inside mount or if there is an obstruction inside the window frame


  • Choose roller shade for a minimalistic look

  • Use woven wood shades to add texture and warmth to space

  • Roman shades soften the look and add elegance to a room

  • Be sure to get lined shades to elevate the appearance and functionality

  • Variety of light filtering options

  • Variety of textures, colors and patterns available

  • Installing motorized shades are an option for convenience


Marie and Maggs Interiors, LLC Rendering

Marie and Maggs Interiors, LLC Rendering

  • Can be paired with a second window treatment option or stand alone

  • Works well with a variety of home styles from traditional elegance to primitive farmhouse

  • Use a smooth board-mounted valance for simple and elegant style


Photo Credit: Midascode via Pixabay

Photo Credit: Midascode via Pixabay

  • Plantation shutters offer a clean, functional and more traditional option

  • Use inside mount so that shutters are flush with window trim

  • Custom made solid shutters are a trend that is growing in popularity with farmhouse style homes


Have a quick question about choosing window treatments and need a little advice from our stylist? Ask here to get answers to your home decorating questions. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the options for your window treatments and not sure where to start? Enlist our home stylist for help with choosing the right window treatments for your home to get started decorating with confidence.