How to Layer Rugs With Modern Farmhouse Style

Layering area rugs is a home decor trend that seems here to stay and rightfully so, because layering rugs can be done in any room (even outside) and with any design style. When done right, you can show off your personality and style sensibilities by mixing patterns, textures, colors and even the placement of rugs in your room.

As a general rule when layering two rugs, your top rug should be approximately 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the bottom rug. This allows you to take advantage of the size difference to maximize the layering effect by creating a border, accentuating the different textures or patterns and highlighting the top rug as a design element.


While layering rugs can be done with any design style, today we are going to focus specifically on layering rugs to create a modern farmhouse look. Creating warmth through texture, and contrast with a black and white color scheme are the hallmarks of modern farmhouse style that we will rely on to pull off the layered rug look. By layering simple striped or checkered black and white rugs on top of a medium brown jute area rug, a warm, simple and textured farmhouse look is achieved.

The rugs we love for creating a modern farmhouse look are 1) the Striped Kelsi Grey rug by nuLOOM found at Target , 2) the Ivory Samos rug found at Target, 3) the Abstract Loomed area rug by nuLOOM found at Target, and 4) the Garland Avery rug found at Target. All four of these farmhouse style rugs are layered with the Serena rug by Safavieh, also found at Target.


Modern Farmhouse Layered Rugs

For more help finding the perfect layered rug look to update your space, check out our Home Styling Services. Think you’ve got this rug layering thing down, but want a second opinion or have a quick question? Ask the stylist.