Bar Cart Styling 101: How To Create a Perfectly Styled Bar Cart

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Everything about your home says something about you and your life. Your experiences, likes and dislikes, and accomplishments. Your bar cart is no different. Styling your bar cart is an opportunity to tell your guests a story.

Your bar cart can be sophisticated, rustic, industrial, vintage, bohemian or even whimsical, but it should always be welcoming. Its purpose is functional, but it should also be stunning to look at and something to be admired, a conversation piece. No matter your style, you can use this easy to follow guide to achieve perfect styling for your bar cart.

The Basics:


Your bar cart does not have to fit all your alcohol, it should however display bottles that say something about you. Depending on the size of your bar cart, you can typically fit between 3 and 8 liquor bottles. Some carts also offer storage for half a dozen bottles of wine or sparkling water. Begin with choosing bottles used to create your favorite after-work drink and party cocktails. You can add additional bottles used for mixing drinks (like sparkling water or soda in glass bottles) to the bottom tray in a symmetrical arrangement.


Next, select the appropriate glasses for the chosen libations. You do not need to put a ton of glasses on the cart, simply add 2 or 3 and invert them. This way they stay clean and available for your use on a whim. The exception to this rule is if your bar cart has a rack for wine glasses. In this case, you want to add enough wine glasses that it doesn’t look empty but not so many that it looks overstuffed.


The number and type of drink accessories you add to the cart is dependent on the size and personal use of the cart. If you entertain often, it can be helpful to have an ice bucket, mixing utensils and garnish dishes. However, if the cart is primarily for your personal use in the evenings or weekends then you may require more limited accessories.

Personal Styling:


An easy way to make a big impact on the style of your bar cart is to add artwork. Framed prints, paintings, sketches or even quotes leave a big impression on guests and help to tell your life story. Simply choose 1-3 pieces that are meaningful to you and layer them on the top shelf by leaning them against your wall, off-center. This will help to balance the bottles on the other end of the cart.


If you have a cocktail recipe book, fun quote book, favorite small sculpture or a few extra items from a collection that aren’t currently being displayed elsewhere, use them to style lower shelves and offset the heaviness created from bottles and glasses on the top shelf. A drink recipe book may also be used on the top shelf if you have limited drink accessories. Adding a sculptural element adds another layer of interest to your story and helps to capture your unique bar car style.


Whether it is a small vase of flowers, singular succulent or larger meandering plant, add an organic element to your cart. This small act will infuse your bar cart with vibrancy and color while making it appear more welcoming and accessible to guests.

Once you have all the essential elements to perfectly style your bar cart to provide relaxed refreshments and insight into your personality, take some time to play with the various parts. Even the best stylists take some time to play with arrangements before finding that perfect balance between functional and beautiful.

Photo Credit: Whitney Wright via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Whitney Wright via Unsplash


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